• About me

  • I do not usually write about myself, but since that is the purpose of this page: I am a programmer located in Mexico and my alias online is TonnyORG, I started my career as a programmer when I was 15 approximately.

    My unofficial career began in the Internet forums, mainly on web master and web hosting forums. In those times, I started programming web pages out of curiosity through friendly interfaces (in other words, I did not write code at all).

    person using silver laptop computer on desk
    Photo by John Schnobrich / Unsplash

    Then, I started moving through the tutorial sections of various communities, blogs and similar sites. Likewise, I started another parallel "unofficial" career in the area of graphic design, combining both skills (programming and design) to prepare the market.

    With rookie security, I went moving into web development and online micro-jobs opportunities through the same forums of web masters ... to be continue.