• Presenting LaraVue Notes

  • Thinking about building an SPA with Laravel and Vue, I thought of a project in which I could exemplify a good integration between these two frameworks resulting in a public note manager.

    LaraVue Notes is the single page application which has an API made in Laravel that can adapt itself to a web and/or mobile based interface, in this case a web client in VueJS.

    LaraVue Notes

    LaraVue Notes does not require manual authentication, the Vue client executes a call to the back-end to generate a unique token which allow the visitor to store and manage protected notes in the future.

    The web interface is based on Bootstrap 4 and each one supports one of the four different styles already supported by the framework: danger, warning, info y success.

    LaraVue Notes - New Note

    For any recommendation, you can do it through Issues on GitHub to prevent duplicated issues and handle them properly.